Certified Organic and Roasted in Small Batches in Calistoga
Certified Organic and Roasted in Small Batches in Calistoga

Roast Profile

We roast and drink and sell Organic coffees exclusively.

Our roast profile is medium.  Which means to a milk chocolate color where the beans are not burnt black and oily.  Organic means the coffee trees and thus the beans (or seeds) were grown without pesticides.  So there is only the intrinsic natural flavor of the bean and origin terroir or soil.   

Fair Trade basically means fairly traded, anti-slave shop commodities.  The farmers are guaranteed a minimum price per pound for their beans.  However this also means the farmers are treated better; are going to be happier; are going to take better care of their crop; which means a better coffee tree and an even better cup of coffee.

Coffee is actually very similar to wine.  Just as a wine from Cabernet grapes grown in France taste different from wine grown from Cabernet grapes in California’s Napa Valley, coffee beans have similar unique flavor characteristics based on geographic origin and terroir.
Dark roasting burns those amazing flavors and aroma notes of blueberry and almond or chocolate, etc. out of the beans.  Medium, low temperature roasting locks in those essential flavors.  And the end result is a delicious sensually-packed cup of coffee or espresso.


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